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Chron’s Assistant

This android application helps the patients to administrate their Chron’s disease.

What is included in the app?

Do you know the bad values in your last blood test?
Store and analyze your blood tests on your phone and attach pictures about the paper version.

Do you know how long have you been symptom-free?
Store your symptoms in the symptom calendar. Rate your health condition from 1 to 5.
After that You can view a graph about your health condition.

You can store multiple symtoms on the same day. The symptom graph will show the average health condition rating by days.

Tip: If you have a symptom you can see your meal in the meal menu for the previous days to find the cause of it.

You can see that what’s the last day when you had any symptom.

Do you know the exact dosages, names and the opening date of your medicines?

In this application You can store the most important information about your medicines.
If you manage your medicine database correctly, the program tries to estimate that when the medicine pack will be empty.

Do you know what did you have for lunch for example two days before?

You can see your meal in the meal menu any time.
Do you know that when did you last go to colonoscopy?

You can register your examination’s date time in the examination menu and you can query the last examination date by type.

Download from Google play store