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Avoid the Darkness

This game is the proof of the existence of evil spirits. Get ready for the best VR horror experience in this fantastic horror game.

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Maze of the Mummy

This is a VR (Virtual reality) maze game for Android mobile phone, where you should collect treasures while several creatures (Mummy, spider,…) try to catch and disturb you in a dark pyramid. You wi…

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Fishing Tournament

3D Fishing game with online functions. You can use your boat and find a fishing spot with it, or you can walk around the lake also. 

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Chron’s Assistant

This android application helps the patients to administrate their Chron’s disease.
This android application helps the patients to administrate their…

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How to use Docker to dockerize a React app, Nodejs and Nginx reverse proxy – step by step tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to Dockerize a React application with NodeJS backend and Nginx proxy. It is a step by step video where first we will[…]

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How to use Docker to dockerize your React application – full tutorial – installing coding building

In this tutorial I will show you how to dockerize a React application and run it in a Docker Container (Linux). I will show the whole procedure, how to install,[…]

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Történet az egy éven belüli teljes szakmai váltásomról (új munkahely, eredményes országos IT verseny szereplés)

A legrosszabb a programozó informatikus szakmában az, hogy “nem tudja az ember, hogy mit nem tud“, de lehet törekedni arra, hogy ez egyre kevésbé legyen így. Idén az életemben több[…]

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Leber László

I’m a senior software engineer with many years of programming experience (since 2002). Expertise in determining customer needs and effectively translating those needs into software solutions. In 2019 I participated in a UX Designer course, where I could learn the modern software designing methods which are excellent extensions to my knowledge I have learned at university. So now I can easily use the traditional software designing techniques with the modern aspects.

Currently I’m working for Lufthansa Systems Hungary as a lead front-end software developer in a scrum team.

My main technologies
React, Redux, Docker
Angular 4+ , jQuery, JavaScript / TypeScript
Android (Java), Unity (Oculus Virtual Reality platform)
.NET Core MVC, ASP .NET MVC, ASP .NET WebForms, Entity FrameWork, LinQ
PHP (frameworks, e.g. CodeIgniter)

Other technologies that I used

Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL, XNA, ExtJs, SqLite, Smarty, Redbeans ORM